Susan D. Brienza, Ph.D.

Legal Assistant: Tina Kaminski


Susan Brienza helps clients navigate complex federal laws relating to the manufacture, labeling, marketing, and sales of conventional foods, dietary supplements, pet supplements, organic foods, “functional foods,” sports drinks, cosmetics, “cosmeceuticals,” aromatherapy, over-the-counter drugs, homeopathic drugs, and medical foods. In her regulatory compliance practice since 1997, food and drug law issues have included: drafting label claims and risk assessment for aggressive claims; hemp/CBD issues (since 2012); import/export and detention matters; defending GMP inspections; new dietary ingredients (NDI) opinion letters; self-affirmed GRAS status and Panels; CA Prop 65 issues; third-party scientific literature; and formal Comments to the FDA on Draft Guidances and Proposed Rules. In addition to regulatory compliance in FDA matters, Ms. Brienza counsels clients in advertising law under FTC regulations—in all types of marketing: print ads, websites, TV and radio ads, infomercials, telemarketing, consumer testimonials, expert endorsements, contests and free offers, blogs and other social media promotions.

Before practicing law, Ms. Brienza was a university professor in stylistics and 20th Century American and British literature at Carnegie-Mellon and UCLA. She brings her proficiency in language to her regulatory compliance practice in crafting permissible and persuasive descriptions and claims for clients to employ in labels, labeling and advertisements of their products, including patient information sheets and healthcare brochures. As a practicing attorney, she has shared both her regulatory expertise and real world client counseling experience with Arizona State University (ASU) law students, as a frequent guest lecturer in Food Law, Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology courses.

Her practice includes advising clients as to compliance with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations, as well as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laws and regulations. For instance, Ms. Brienza has evaluated label claims, advertising claims and disclaimers for organic cosmetics, natural toothpastes, and for GMO foods. Given the broad reach of FTC jurisdiction, she has also evaluated and crafted claims, discounted offers, disclaimers, and disclosures for product sales, financial and investment services, and other goods and services. In addition to regulatory compliance and enforcement matters, Ms. Brienza assists in litigation, with particular focus on cease and desist disputes, product liability, and false advertising cases. Her legal work has also included white-collar criminal defense work and lobbying/public policy matters, e.g., for a manufacturer of organic meats, a trade association of supplement companies, and a coalition of medical food companies.


  • Hon. Richard Matsch, U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado, 1992,1993


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  • Colorado Bar Association
  • Colorado Nanotechnology Alliance
  • Arizona Bar Association
  • American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), 1998-Present
  • Government Relations Committee of AHPA, 1999-2017
  • American Botanical Council, 2000-Present
  • United National Products Association (UNPA), AZ Chapter, 2015-Present
  • American Advertising Federation, Metro Phoenix (Phoenix Ad Club), Board Member, 2011-2013
  • Dietary Supplement Marketers and Manufacturers Association, Co-Counsel for Regulatory Affairs
  • Advisory Board Member, Center for Law, Science & Innovation at Arizona State University College of Law, 2012-2014


  • Recognized in the 2020 edition of AZBusiness Leaders by AZ Big Media
  • Named to Colorado Super Lawyers in the area of Health Care, 2006, 2007, 2009
  • Patton Boggs Pro Bono Award, 1999
  • Colorado Women's History Project Award, 1997
  • Member of Inns of Court, Judge Arraj Chapter, in Denver, 1995-1997