September 24, 2015

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Senior Associate General Counsel and Head of eDiscovery at Walmart Praises Ryley Carlock & Applewhite's Document Control Group For Adding High Value to the eDiscovery Process in Litigation

In a recent interview, Joseph Bartolo, J.D., discusses the eDiscovery/document review process with Aaron Crews, Senior Associate General Counsel and Head of eDiscovery at Walmart. Crews touts Ryley Carlock & Applewhite’s industry-leading Document Control Group:

See, at [9:45 – 11:23]
“There are great law firms that have dedicated review teams like Ryley Carlock & Applewhite out of Phoenix. They have the Document Control Group; they are lawyers that are employees of the firm and all they do is doc review and they’re long-term employees and they’re super-good at it. Huge high-value; they can do a lot of the lower-level work [..] like depo prep and getting through docs and creating timelines and stuff that you can then take and really plug into the hands of your merits counsel and say, ‘Take this evidence and tell me what to do with it.’

I think that is the space that we should all as an industry really be looking at. I think the real question again is, what’s the highest and best use of my skill set? And really saying that’s the piece of this process that I’m going to own and the other piece is we need to bring in people who have that real skill set, the ability to really deploy analytics, taking the merits counsel and saying, ‘what are you looking for?’ and the merits counsel says, ‘I need X’  [and we say,] ‘OK cool, here’s how we’re going to get there.’ That’s a real value. In the business world, that’s the way it works. We have what we call cross-functional teams that are devised to think up and then drive through projects. We really need to start thinking of the modern litigation process in that way. I think that will dramatically reduce the cost and the burden and the pain associated with modern litigation.”

To listen to the full interview or the clip referenced above [9:45-11:23], go here: