Emerging Companies

Emerging companies and small businesses require legal services to create a strong foundation. Ryley Carlock & Applewhite offers services that allow small businesses to document important transactions and establish key legal protections. We are creative and collaborative to provide value to start-up enterprises at competitive rates. We assist clients with identifying work that is a high priority. 

  • Entity Formation and Governance. Our attorneys analyze entity selection in connection with your objectives. We routinely prepare organizational documents including Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Shareholder Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements, and Partnership Agreements. We assist you in understanding fiduciary and legal duties and in preparing resolutions, minutes, agendas, policies, filings, consents, and other governance documents.

  • Intellectual Property Clearance and Protection. We assist with applying for federal trademark registrations, managing trademark portfolios, and securing all necessary domain names, social media accounts, and user names. We also advise regarding ownership of logos and marketing materials created for your business. We frequently work on software and technology licensing transactions.

  • Labor and Employment Matters. We represent clients managing human resources in all phases. We assist with worker classification matters (employee v. independent contractor). We prepare appropriate agreements, including executive employment and independent contractor agreements. Our attorneys can also prepare company policies and handbooks related to social media, compensation, and earned paid sick time.

  • Federal, State, and Local Tax and Permit Matters. Attorneys at Ryley Carlock assist with tax planning, analyzing tax problems, and taking advantage of small business tax benefits.

  • Capital Raising/Seed Funding/Financing. We assist clients in navigating the applicable securities laws in connection with raising capital and securing financing through a variety of methods, including private placements, venture capital, crowd funding, business loan negotiations, and other debt and equity financing options. 

  • Preparation of Key Contracts. Our attorneys prepare employee and business contracts, including customer, vendor distribution, and supplier contracts.

  • Premises/Commercial Lease Review. We help negotiate, draft, or review lease agreements.

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies. We offer support for companies in up-and-coming areas.  For example, we provide end-to-end legal services for the development of renewable energy as well as help clients navigate complex federal food and drug laws relating to the manufacture, labeling, importing, marketing and sales of dietary supplements, pet supplements, sports drinks, organic foods, cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, medical devices and more.

  • Advertising Law/Website Review. We help navigate complex federal and state laws and regulations relating to advertising and marketing. Our goal is to reduce regulatory enforcement and liability risk for your company. We help develop accurate and well-supported advertising claims, conduct detailed regulatory review of promotional or company websites, and assist with screening social media promotions—assuring all advertising claims are true, accurate, and not misleading or deceptive.

  • Cybersecurity and Data Protection; BYOD Policies. Our firm helps to identify and manage cybersecurity risks and assists with data breaches.

  • Compensation. We draft employee compensation policies and plans that are compliant with securities and tax laws. We also assist companies with equity compensation and bonus plans.

  • Dispute Resolution/Litigation. Our litigation team helps clients strategize to combat issues they may encounter early on such as disputes related to verbal agreements or online defamation and other torts by anonymous users. We employ strategies to resolve disputes ahead of litigation; and if litigation proves unavoidable, our attorneys defend and prosecute all legal claims available.

  • Succession Planning. We prepare estate documents and trusts for business owners, including non-probate transfers of business interests to family members or others to ensure the desired transition of your business interests in the event of death, disability, or incapacity. We also strategize with you regarding business exit plans.