July 6, 2009

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Document Control Group Announces Law Firm Partnering Program

Ryley Carlock and Applewhite Phoenix and Denver Teams with Major Law Firms to Provide Cost Effective, High Quality Document Review
In a high pressure economic environment, for both corporate legal departments and law firms, and in an era of increased scrutiny of legal bills and document review practices, Ryley Carlock and Applewhite announced today its Law Firm Partnering Program.

Under the program, law firms across the country can partner with the Ryley Carlock's nationally recognized Document Control Group (DCG) to offer their clients high quality, cost effective document review and other litigation support services at extremely competitive prices. Under the partnering program, law firms are given full access to DCG's experienced, efficient, and cohesive review teams to help manage document reviews of all sizes. Law firms can manage the reviews at the DCG's facilities in Phoenix, Arizona or allow DCG to manage the projects for them. Either way, the firm has complete access to DCG"s litigator toolkit -- which enables law firm lawyers to optimize review by getting ongoing feedback on document content, case assessment, and theory validation. DCG has provided support for a number of law firms on document review projects, including several members of the American Lawyer "A-List."

"We have an acute appreciation for how difficult it has historically been for law firms to recruit and organize review teams, and manage those teams during large document reviews, in what has become an increasingly complicated and judicially scrutinized e-Discovery process ... we just make this whole process easier for everyone" said Matthew Clarke, shareholder at Ryley Carlock and founding member of the firm's DCG. "The Law Firm Partnering Program simply broadens our umbrella and basically offers to all law firms what many firms have been taking advantage of for years," said Clarke, "the more uniform and cohesive this process becomes, the better it will be for courts, law firms, and corporate legal departments everywhere."

"Many law firms provide review services on cases of a certain scale, or look to large staffing agencies for contract lawyer review on larger cases," said William McManus, shareholder at Ryley Carlock and founding member of the firm's DCG. "What we offer is a value-added alternative for law firms. We are an appendage of their firm without the overhead, but with the level of control and feedback that helps them perform at their absolute best for their clients," he said. "As another law firm assisting, we can stand behind our work and give firms confidence when they make representations to the court," said McManus. "We are also extremely adaptable ...we can start tomorrow with no assembly required," he said.

Under the Law Firm Partnering Program, firms who become partners can receive as much as a 12 percent discount off the DCG's review rates. DCG is available to manage all aspects of e-Discovery projects, including data mapping, custodian interviewing, preservation, collection, filtering, processing, review, and production. Firms wishing to find out more about the program should contact Paul Ward at pward@rcalaw.com, or call (602) 440-4811. More information about the DCG can be found at www.rcalaw.com/e-Discovery

Partnership arrangements will be tailored to individual firm needs and will take into consideration any issues of client conflicts or other related matters,